Marriage and Family Therapist, Donald Gray bio

Donald Gray is a marriage and family therapist associate licensed by the State of Texas Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists.  The “associate” part of that means he is in the first stage of the licensing process.  During that stage, associates are supervised by fully licensed LMFT-Supervisors who conduct periodic case reviews.  Donald is currently supervised by MaryLou Shackleton.

Donald is currently 55 years of age and started his career as a marriage and family therapist in 2014.  He is retired from law enforcement, after 30 years, where he was a Detention Officer, Patrol Officer and Investigator.  Toward the end of his tenure, he investigated Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault cases.

Donald got his MA degree in Family Therapy from the University of Houston – Clear Lake in 2014.  He passed the state licensing exam that same year and started his practice in December 2014.

Donald is currently married and has 3 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren, 6 of whom are girls.  He resides in Friendswood Texas.

Don and his wife Dee would both rather be fishing.

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